Buckeye Vodka Launch Party

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This is a guest post by Brandie Williams. Brandie believes that drinking your feelings should be a delicious endeavor! She’ll never say “no” to more hops or a free shot.

The Red Stag – Buckeye Vodka’s signature drink

Central Ohio is seeing an exciting flurry of new locally crafted liquors. The latest to join the lineup is Buckeye Vodka, which is handcrafted at a micro-distillery in Miami Valley. They describe the vodka as “locally-crafted ultra-premium vodka [that] combines the highest standards of taste and quality with pricing to reflect Ohio’s practical sensibilities.”

To kick off their entry into the Columbus market, Buckeye Vodka held a launch party on May 10th, 2011, at the Loft at Smith Brothers. I was really impressed with the event’s skillful union of the ritzy with the casual. The attire of the attendees ranged from full suits to jeans and t-shirts. The space was beautiful, including pretty centerpieces that featured the Buckeye Vodka bottle. They served a variety of hors d’oeuvres including a fantastic queso dip with pita and toasted bread, tiny dough-wrapped cocktail weenies (a personal favorite!), and enormous mountains of cheese (also a personal favorite!).

Of course, the most important part of the evening was the alcohol! Buckeye Vodka was serving two featured drinks:

  • The Basic Buckeye – A classic martini with Buckeye Vodka, a splash of dry vermouth, and blue cheese stuffed olives
  • The Red Stag – Buckeye Vodka, a splash of POM Juice, Simply Grapefruit, and a lime wedge

I loved the Red Stag and am hoping to recreate it at my own house soon! (Lucky for me, the recipe for this drink and many others is posted on the mixology portion of Buckeye Vodka website.) The mixers helped highlight the subtle, clean taste of the vodka, without having an overpowering alcohol taste. The drink was very refreshing, especially as the temperature and humidity were climbing!

As I was sipping my Red Stag and munching on the tiny weenies, I noticed a woman wearing a single white glove as she sipped from a shot glass. Then I started to notice other people with single white gloves. At first, I thought I had stumbled upon an impromptu Michael Jackson tribute, but I soon realized that the bartender was handing out gloves with one of the drinks.

The third featured drink was a lemon drop shot in a shot glass crafted just from ice! So cool! Obviously the gloves helped protect everyone’s fingers while they enjoyed their drink.

Overall, the entry of Buckeye Vodka into the Columbus market is exciting for anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced vodka without sacrificing quality. If you’re interested checking out Buckeye Vodka, visit the web site, which includes a map showing where you can purchase a bottle of your very own.

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  1. Ben Walters May 13, 2011 at 4:23 PM · Reply

    I would not recommend this vodka – it’s like the antithesis of Middlewest Spirit’s Oyo. Basically a water company out of Texas financed the whole thing. It’s not quality at all.

  2. Kristie Hart May 13, 2011 at 7:29 PM · Reply

    Water Company is out of day =)
    Here is a youtube video I found that shows the plant. I was at the launch, it was a blast!

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