Date Night at House Wine

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This is a guest post by Lydia Johnson. Lydia likes wheat beers and malbecs and whiskey, primarily. I’ll try anything. Except hops. I hate hops. Blech.

In a move that smoothly combined the lady-pleasing Date Night option, alcohol and keeping things on the cheap, my boyfriend purchased a half-price Fudha to House Wine not long ago. Once we finally redeemed the Fudha one beautiful spring evening, we found ourselves thoroughly impressed and ready to pay full price in the future.

When he and I walked in to the Worthington shop, located next to the High St. Candle Lab, we were greeted with lime green accents and contemporary décor all accenting the hundreds of bottles of wine throughout.

Courtesy of House Wine Facebook

Courtesy of House Wine Facebook

The staff was friendly and helpful, leading us to one of the more impressive contraptions: a wine dispensing machine. The bottles of varying variety were displayed in the aforementioned Enomatic. You insert a card, which is essentially your tab, and select which wine and how big a pour you would like, from just a taste to half- and full-size servings. Your tab is then charged accordingly. I fell in love with the Catena Vista Flores Malbec within just a sip and went straight for a full pour.

If you choose more than just a taste, feel free to sit at one of the tables or the patio seating outside and enjoy. We chose to wander around a bit and figure out which bottles we were going to bring home with us. The wines are displayed in a manner that’s easy for even the novice to navigate. Small cards display the flavor profiles and give a rather flirtatious classification of the wines. Whites are referred to as crisp, bright or vivacious; reds are grouped as finesse, silky or robust; dessert wines are distinguished by bubbles or sweet. For those accompanying wine lovers who have no interest, don’t worry, House Wine also has a fine craft beer selection, including bottles from the local Rockmill Brewery.

House Wine

We were inspired by the ambiance and delicious offerings and decided to move the tasting to the comfort of home, where we could pair our selections with cheese and chocolates. Craving full-bodied reds, we perused the wines indicated as being robust. After we made our selections, we entertained the idea of joining the House Club. For $30 each month, House Wine selects two wines, generally one red and one white totaling a $30 value, and lovingly places them in a gift bag for you to pick up at your convenience. The team member who helped us explained that the House Club is a great way for folks who generally drink the same varietals to branch out and try something new.

We ended our date night-jaunt into Worthington with a vow to return and picked up a fresh loaf of bread from La Chatelaine located just across the street.

To learn more about House Wine and see what events they have coming up ($15 Thursday night tastings!), head to

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  1. Cheryl Harrison May 23, 2011 at 9:59 AM · Reply

    I’ve only been to House Wine once, because the owner spotted me Tweeting about craving Christmas Ale so he set aside some for me (FTW!) but the place looked adorable and I’ve been meaning to go back. Wine machines! Winning!

  2. Donnie May 23, 2011 at 10:58 AM · Reply

    We thank you for visiting House Wine and we’re pleased to know that your Fudha purchase brought you in for your first time and the experience will bring you back. Cheers!

  3. Brandie Williams May 24, 2011 at 11:55 AM · Reply

    I love House Wine’s beer tastings and wish they’d have more! (hint hint!) They had a Bell’s event two years ago (IIRC) and it was amazing. One of their hoppy beer tastings is what got me into Hopslam!

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