Ace of Cups Early Evaluation

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This is a guest post by Brandie Williams. Brandie believes that drinking your feelings should be a delicious endeavor! She’ll never say “no” to more hops or a free shot.
Ace of Cups is officially open for business! Although decoration hasn’t been completed, Columbus’s highly-anticipated new rock and roll bar is now open to the public. The first show, which featured The Exwhites, SCRAWL and DJ Envelope, took place on Saturday July 30, and provided a great sneak peak at things to come.

When I walked into the bar, my first thought was “Whoa, it’s dark!” While the bar does have overhead lights, they were so dim that the only real source of light was the lighting behind the bar. I’m used to having that kind of lighting while bands are playing, but it was this dark the entire night. The ambiance was nice, but it made it a little hard to track down friends and see what the bottle selection was. The bar was very crowded, but I believe that they had two taps – Miller Lite and Bell’s Two Hearted. There were around 15 bottles, many of them craft beers, including 21st Amendment Back in Black, Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Boston Lager. I also heard raves about the lavender-infused vodka cocktails being offered.

I was really impressed with how large and open the space was. I loved the super high ceilings (probably at least 20′) and the large steel sash windows. When you walk in the door, there is an elevated platform with a few tables immediately to your left. In front of the platform there is a smattering of additional high-top tables, then the bar. Behind the bar, the old bank vault is being used as a storage room, which is a pretty cool little touch. Aside from a few more tables across from the bar along the right-hand wall, the rest of the space is pretty much open. Because the stage isn’t finished yet, the bands set up on the floor with the soundboard directly across from them.

If you walk straight through the bar to the back, you will find a huge patio. It’s always nice to have a place where you can take your beer outside if you smoke. I was excited so see a few taps out at the back bar, as it’s always nice to have a patio bar rather than having to go back into the building. Since renovations aren’t complete, it’s hard to tell how things will be laid out, but hopefully they’ll take good advantage of the size and maybe even add some greenery.

I’ve heard rumors that there will be a loft upstairs that overlooks the venue, similar to Skully’s. That wasn’t open this weekend, but if it’s true, it will be a great addition to the space.

Granted, it was around 90 degrees on Saturday night, but it was pretty hot in the bar, especially as more people packed in. There are a few large industrial sized fans near the ceiling, and when they switched one of them on, it helped a little, but hopefully there will be some nice AC in the future.

Since the fine tuning of the space isn’t complete yet, we’re holding off on photos. Expect to see an update within a week or two with photos, plus more details about the menu and beer offerings. I can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Make sure you stay up to date on all the upcoming events at Ace of Cups by following them on Twitter and checking them out on Facebook.

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5 Comments on "Ace of Cups Early Evaluation"

  1. Jen K August 1, 2011 at 11:59 AM · Reply

    I can’t wait to come back to Columbus and visit Ace of Cups. Is it as huge as I’m imagining? This is where Miani’s used to be, right?

    • Brandie Williams August 1, 2011 at 1:16 PM · Reply

      Yes, it’s where Miani’s used to be. I was never there before, so I don’t know if it looks bigger now.

  2. Drew August 1, 2011 at 12:29 PM · Reply

    Doesn’t back in black come in cans and not bottles?

    • Brandie Williams August 1, 2011 at 1:15 PM · Reply

      Yeah, you’re right. It was sitting up there with the bottles so I misspoke. 🙂

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