Learn to Homebrew Day!

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This coming Saturday (November 5th) is Learn to Homebrew Day, during which people interested in learning to homebrew can meet up with experienced brewers to observe the process and ask questions.  The Columbus, OH homebrewing club, S.O.D.Z. (Scioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists)(Note: a zymurgist is someone who practices zymurgy, the art of brewing beer) will be participating in this national event from 9AM – 5PM, hosted by Elevator Brewing Company (at the brewery).  I’ll be there, along with other S.O.D.Z. members throughout the day, so anyone interested should feel free to stop in to see the brewing process first hand.

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Ryan has been homebrewing since 2006, and it was homebrewing that really got him into craft beer. He's a certified beer and food geek, and spends a good part of his daily allotment of daydreams on ideas for future batches of beer.

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    My brew went well, there ended up being about 12-15 people that showed up to brew or observe. The beer I made is a hoppier version of a brown ale, I ended up boiling a bit more than I intended (a side effect of doing a remote brew and forgetting a BUNCH of equipment), so it will be a higher alcohol beer than I was expecting.

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