Kildare’s Irish Pub: Gaelic in the Gateway

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Calling Kildare’s an Irish pub is a bit of an understatement. With 98% of the decor shipped in from Ireland and five different authentic Irish atmospheres, Kildare’s wants to make damn sure you know how Irish it is.

The drinks of choice are, naturally, Guinness and Jameson. Multiple nitrogen taps allows Kildare’s to provide a variety of layered pints, from your standard black and tan, to a chocolate covered strawberry using Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and a strawberry lambic. You can also grab a flight, which is a sampler of four different five ounce beers, from the Celtic (Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, Mangers Cider) to the Buckeye (Moerline, Riverton, Great Lakes, Columbus Brewing). With 22 beers on draft they have a nice selection, though the rotations aren’t that frequent.

I decided to make my first visit late on a Thursday evening. The downstairs, decorated in an Irish shop front theme, wasn’t too crowded so I went to the bar and ordered a Guinness. It took a little while to pour, of course, which was a good sign that the bartenders have been trained how to pour it properly. The creamy head hides the very cold stout for the first few sips, then once everything is settled in the pint you have a rich, smooth beer. Kildare’s prides itself on having the “perfect pint”, serving beer between 39 to 42 degrees, and pouring a head between a half an inch to a full inch high. It was quite pleasant, especially the temperature compairson between the head and the beer, which you don’t often get out of a Guinness at other bars.

I finished my pint on my way to the second floor what was actually quite loud, but I heard there was another bar upstairs, as well as the restrooms, so I was bound to stop up there eventually. The first thing I noticed was the decor, though my attention was demanded by the DJ who was very loud and a little annoying. But I had almost forgot where I was, in the heart of the University District, and these evening spectacles and dancing is to be expected, so I didn’t really see it as a bad thing until I couldn’t exit my bar stool without interrupting some sort of crumping exercise. So after my second Guinness, I decided to leave and return for lunch the following day.

The day ambiance was much more pleasant and quiet, as the restaurant radio was on a mix of old Celtic tunes, except every other song, which was U2. I swear, it was a consistent back in fourth between gaelic melodies and Bono. The food was really good – I had a buffalo chicken sandwich served with their house made potato chips. The sandwich was large and juicy and the kitchen was fast and accurate with my specific order due to my annoying food allergies. Kildare’s serves their full menu available until midnight and a special pub menu available until 2am.

The staff, during both the busy evening and the not-so-busy lunchtime, were very friendly and seemed happy to answer questions and be generally helpful. Kildare’s hosts a vartiety of evening entertainment with Karaoke, live DJ’s, Name that Tune, and trivia all while offering drink and food specials. It’s a bar that has something for everyone, a very nice staff, and great prices at the right times.

This is a guest post by Rick Durham. Rick is the co-owner and operator for the Spruce Campbells Brewing Company, as well as assistant manager at Brews Cafe in Granville. He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2009.

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