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Imagine it’s a lovely summer day and you are sitting on a quiet stone patio in what seems like the middle of nowhere. You’re looking out at a lake and gazebo while sipping handmade wines. There’s a slight breeze in the air and the faint sound of music playing in the distance. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Paradise is surprisingly located in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Despite opening a mere three years ago, Hidden Lakes Winery is steeped in history. Members of the Pfeifer family (the winery’s owners) have been winemakers and farmers for several generations. Since the 1860s, Pfeifer family elders passed the art of wine making down to their children in an attempt to carry on the family tradition. And yet, despite the rich tradition, the winery seems modern and new. It strikes me as the perfect place for a Friday date night, weekend day drinking or ladies night out.

The winery sources juice and must from Ohio, New York, and California and crafts the wines onsite. The most popular varietal is the Early Frost, which is similar to an ice wine. The waitress brought me a sample that had been run through an ice machine and I quickly realized why it is so popular: it was like drinking Kool-Aid spiked with an almost undetectable hint of alcohol. Not what I typically think of when drinking wine, but enjoyable nonetheless, and dangerous to boot!

The winery has 17 other varietals available. I took advantage of the five varietal flight deal, which was only $4.99. My favorite white was the Riesling by a landslide. With honeysuckle on the nose and balanced, developed flavors, it tickled my pallet with just a kiss of sweetness. My favorite red wine was the special edition Syrah. Robust, a bit grapey, and oozing with plum and black fruits, this wine had a nice flavor profile and a long finish. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Pinot Noir. It embodied all of the qualities I love in Pinot Noir – it was light bodied but spicy and earthy with hints of stone fruit.

Overall, my experience at Hidden Lakes Winery was pleasant and enjoyable. The scenery is beautiful and the staff is knowledgeable. Plus, there is a wine for everyone at Hidden Lakes. Devotees of sweet white and rose wines can whet their pallet just as much as dry, bold red wine fanatics. Even better, Hidden Lakes has a full service kitchen where most of the food is made from scratch in-house. On Wednesday nights, ladies receive 10% off and on Thursdays from 6-9 there is live entertainment.

Hidden Lakes Winery is located at 650 Winchester Pike in Canal Winchester. You can learn more at hiddenlakeswinery.com.

This is a guest post by Molly Borchers. Molly moved to Columbus two years ago from Washington,
D.C. and she’s been enjoying the city’s libations ever since. Molly began studying wine four years ago, attending wine tastings and classes, conducting tastings in her home, and reading as many books on wine as she could get her hands on. She even poured wine at a wine bar part-time for a summer. When she’s not out on the town imbibing culture, wine and cocktails, she can be found in a yoga studio doing headstands. Check her out online at mollyborchers.com.

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  1. Keith Pritchard September 5, 2012 at 2:52 PM · Reply

    For information or to take action on the unnecessary and duplicate over regualtion of Ohio wineries by the Ohio Department of Agriculture please go to: http://www.freethewineries.com or http://www.facebook.com/FreeTheWineries

  2. Jen January 25, 2013 at 10:17 PM · Reply

    I stumbled upon your review of Hidden Lakes Winery after reading the review of La Vida Local in Grandview. (I was thinking of checking out the restaurant after seeing it in the 614 Mag. and your website came up in the search) Anyways, I wanted to add to your review about Hidden Lakes. I had a COMPLETELY different experience. I sampled over 10 wines and there was not one that I liked even a little bit. Also, I ordered a frozen pizza and it was definitely a pre-bought frozen one. The atmosphere was good but the wine and food was bad. (I am not picky about wine. My favorite is Three Wishes from Whole Foods and it is less than $4 a bottle)

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