Veritas Tavern: An alcove of intimate ingredients

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The space is quiet; the lighting is soft; the cocktails are fresh; the pairing of food is divine.

At Veritas Tavern in Delaware, art and gastronomy come together to present an experience. Like a breadcrumb trail for the inquisitive foodie, a prefix menu equipped with drink recommendations reveals the tavern’s understanding of flavor while showcasing signature gems of the house: The Cocktails.

The cocktails derive from the tavern’s backbone of sophistication. The liqueurs and syrups are selectively chosen, the citrus zests are freshly shaved, and the garnishes are before you sliced. With each drink comes a unique finale, followed by a curiosity for what to try next.

Seasonal majesties of cinnamon and maple weave their way between recipes of the Mulled Wine, Apple Jack Rabbit, and Rosey Red. A house made Irish creme is quick to captivate with its silkiness and silent depth. Signature punches– from American Orange, to Champagne, to Milk, Sangria, and Whisky– stand stoic on the list of house cocktails. Egg White offerings and house made sours boast triumphantly on the menu as well, including one of my most favorite drinks to date: the Pisco Sour.

Craft beer in 12 oz and 22 oz bottles are available in the tavern, along with four meads from the Brother’s Drake Meadery, and a careful selection of chosen wine. But a one of a kind steal-from-the-sidewalk creation daintily rests behind the Veritas Tavern bar: The Elderflower Spherification Shooter. At just the first glance it makes taking shots classy, then flutters the heart in its soft floral flavor, and finishes with an aftermath that pleases.

Between the hour of five thirty and six thirty, Tuesday through Friday, Veritas holds their Happy Hour with discounted prices on cocktails, select bottles of craft beer, and wines by the glass.

A fine culinary and cocktail caliber however is not where the majesty of Veritas ends. House made soda presents an inspirational fizzy lift-up in flavors of blueberry lime, cherry almond, grapefruit, mint, lemongrass, pomegranate lime, cinnamon, and ginger for foodies of any age to find expression.

An ensemble of aperitifs/ digestifs and desserts conclude the Veritas experience. “After” treats such as the Caramel White Chocolate, Brie and Pears, or the 30 Second Sponge Cake with Greek Yogurt and Honey Ice Cream, wait patiently. And, the theme of seasonal spice weaves into a Spice Cake waltz dressed in apples and chestnuts to pair perfectly with the Mulled Wine.

In a chic, wooded aesthetic of hand selected books and photographs of a vintage Delaware, the mission of Veritas Tavern is clear: to present an experience; to reveal the horizons of mixology and gastronomy; to unveil a new movement by delivering an evening to remember. An alcove of intimacy between ingredients, Veritas Tavern is a true treasure to be found on the Central Ohio map.

This is a guest post by Morgan Treni. Morgan is a recent graduate of the Ohio Wesleyan University. She holds a degree in Non-Fiction Writing and enjoys writing about all things flavorful and colorful.

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