Drunk Brunch: Wildflower Cafe

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I’ve driven past the Wildflower Cafe dozens of times but never noticed the modest cafe on Indianola Avenue until Facebook fan Ben suggested it as a good spot for our next Drunk Brunch (thanks, Ben!)

My husband and I walked into a small and cozy diner packed with patrons on an early Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed a pleasant short wait for a table on the small porch in front of the restaurant.

Wildflower doesn’t look like the type of place that would HAVE a liquor license (I think they just got it) but they do and for that I rejoice! Their cocktail menu includes several drink staples like a Dark & Stormy, Old Fashioned or White Russian. My husband had a pleasantly bitter Salty Dog. I opted for a cider from Angry Orchard.

Wildflower Cafe has a surprisingly vast selection of available food options options for brunch, ranging from lox and bagels and specialty quiches to challah french toast and huevos rancheros. It’s all EXTREMELY cheap, too – around seven bucks cheap. And it’s all DELICIOUS. I had the egg salad wrap with swiss cheese, spinach and and bacon in a wheat tortilla served with some delicious (house-made?) chips. My husband had the steak and eggs (the most expensive thing on the menu at a still-super-cheap $11.50) served with a side of toast. Neither dish lasted long on our plates.

Given the diversity of options, the amazingly cheap price point and the fact that this might be the only place in the Clintonville area that actually serves drunk brunch, I know I will be back.

Brunch at Wildflower Cafe is served Sundays from 7m-2pm. Wildflower Cafe is located at 3420 Indianola Avenue.

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  1. James April 30, 2016 at 8:45 PM · Reply

    You can’t order alcohol on Sunday until after 10AM. This is no good for coming off a night shift at 7 AM.

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