Drunk Brunch: Seventh Son + Aromaku

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drunk brunch seventh sonI’d seen posts on Facebook about Saturday Morning Cartoon brunch at Seventh Son: old school cartoons on the screen, a food truck dishing up bacon and eggs outside, and plenty of booze behind the bar. I wanted to go to there.

As I pulled into the parking lot around 11am last Saturday I noticed there was only one other car and no food truck, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting my drunk brunch, but they were open afterall. After noting the lack of promised cartoons on screen, I asked the bartender about the food trucks, and she informed me that SOME food truck – no one working knew which – would be showing up around noon. I’m a rebel, Dottie – I decided to wait around and play food truck roulette.

In the meantime, I ordered Seventh Son’s Prime Swarm Saison. Saisons to me are the mimosa of the beer world, and Seventh Son’s did not disappoint. It did not disappoint so much that I drank three more. (Editors note: Editor took a nap after this particular Drunk Brunch.) Though they are a brewery and you should definitely try their beer, they do have a full bar, so if you’re more of a Bloody Mary or martini person you can get that, too.

Around 12:15, the Aromaku food truck showed up. Initially I was a little disappointed, having set my sights on traditional ‘merican breakfast foodstuff. But the Indonesian grub served up at Aromaku has received much praise in my social circle, so I was glad for the opportunity to give it a try.

seventh son aromakuAfter perusing the menu I ordered Martabok, a “stuffed pancake filled with specially marinated ground beef, spring onion and eggs.” It wasn’t a pancake, at all, it was more like three egg roll wraps, but I don’t really give a shit what they called it because they were DELICIOUS. Whatever that special sauce is that the beef soaked in, I want to soak myself in.

I also ordered an Indo-Dutch ball, a fluffy ball filled with cheese and topped with chocolate or caramel. Ball of chocolate covered cheese, need I say more? Yum.

Brunch at Seventh Son is available Saturdays from 11am(ish) til 3pm(ish?). The food truck will be That Food Truck, or Aromaku, or Who-The-Hell-Knows. And there will probably not be cartoons. Seventh Son is located at 1104 N. 4th Street.

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  1. Rod Chu August 22, 2013 at 12:10 PM · Reply

    I had Aromaku’s Martabok on the Columbus Food Adventures Food Truck Tour. It was wonderful – the best egg roll I’ve ever had! And the Seventh Son beer was a delicious way to wash it down! A fun and really informative tour!

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