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kingmakers columbusTired of Mrs. Peacock, in the Conservatory, with the Lead Pipe? Pony up to Columbus’ new boardgame bar Kingmakers and learn how to play something you’ve probably never heard of.

“Boardgaming is nostalgic for a lot of folks, but if you haven’t seen these types of board games it can be a really awesome window into this whole new world you didn’t even know existed,” said Malika de Silva, Kingmakers owner.

Kingmaker’s board game library includes many classic and childrens games, but predominantly features more involved games like Settlers of Catan and Dominion. For a $5 library fee you can play any of the 250+ games Kingmakers has on its shelves for the day, and their staff “sommeliers” will even teach you how to play.

“I think a lot of young professionals in town are looking for something to do while drinking,” said de Silva.

Onto the drinking: de Silva claims Kingmakers is the only bar in Columbus that has all kegged wine, which is pushed through its own contained nitrogen machine. They have four varietals available – malbec, red blend, chardonnay and riesling.

“Our kegerator makes it super fresh – it comes out the right temperature, it’s all regulated,” she added.

kingmakers columbus boardgame barThey also have eight rotating beers on tap, with New Belgium’s Accumulation IPA, Columbus Brewing’s IPA, Four String’s Backstage Blonde and Brass Knuckle, Oscar Blues Mama’s Yella Pils, New Holland’s The Poet Oatmeal Stout, Avery’s Ellie’s Brown Ale and PBR on tap when I was in. Liquor won’t be making its way behind this bar, intentionally.

“We thought really carefully about how everything jives with the core thing, which is boardgaming,” said de Silva. “All other aspects of the business really support having a great boardgaming experience. We felt that beer and wine were conducive to that, mixed drinks can get a little sloppy, and these are some intense, involved games.”

If you don’t drink, or want to take your kids in for an evening of gaming (the bar is family-friendly), Kingmakers also offers 15 different varieties of specialty soda pop, plus coffee and tea and snacks from Brezel.

Kingmakers is located at 17 Buttles Avenue and is open Tuesday-Thursday from 5-10pm, Friday from 5pm-12am, Saturday from 1pm-12am and Sunday from 1-10pm, closed Mondays.

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