Wolf’s Ridge releasing Wolf Pack Belgian beer series

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belgian beer wolf packWolf’s Ridge Brewing is releasing a three-part series of Belgian beers dubbed the Wolf Pack.

The first beer in the series, a Belgian Tripel called Alpha, is currently available at the downtown brewpub.

“It’s a pretty traditional take on a Belgian-style Tripel, not fundamentally different from what the monks have been doing for a better part of the century,” said Wolf’s Ridge brewmaster Ryan Heastings. “For us, we tried to follow the same philosophy the monks use, but use some modern methods.”

Following Alpha will be Beta, a Belgian Dubbel which should be out in the next week. The third beer in the Wolf Pack release will be Omega, a Belgian Table Beer.

“It’s really a style you never see, even in Belgium it’s fairly rare to find low alcohol beers of that ilk,” said Heastings. “It’s sessionable and you can sit and drink several pints of it and you’re still lucid.”

All three beers will be on tap in time for a seven course Belgian beer dinner on April 14.

Wolf’s Ridge also has a west coast-style IPA set to launch soon, joining Alpha and just over half a dozen other beers on Wolf’s Ridge’s draft list ranging in styles from Cream Ale to Roggenbier to IPA.

“We intend to focus primarily on traditional styles, on high-quality European, German and Belgian types of beers,” said Wolf’s Ridge owner Alan Szuter.

Wolf’s Ridge is in the process of converting the back room of their restaurant into a taproom for a more casual drinking environment, which will also result in a wider selection of their own beer offerings. Wolf’s Ridge hopes to have the taproom open in June.

Wolf’s Ridge is located at 215 N 4th Street.

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