Barley’s Smokehouse drops the “Barley’s”

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10171841_10152364040201726_8410862063458149342_n Whenever I ask someone to meet me at Barley’s (which is pretty often) the inevitable confusion of WHICH Barley’s arises. The one downtown? The one near Grandview? The Ale House or the Smokehouse?

Just yesterday I had to explain to someone that the two businesses, which once shared ownership, are now separately run, and each bar has its own brewing system and beer (though many of the same styles of beer as they happen to share a history and a brewmaster, Angelo Signorino Jr.)

That confusion is coming to an end, as Barley’s SMOKEHOUSE and Brewpub announced yesterday that they are re-branding, dropping the Barley’s and changing to Smokehouse Brewing Co.

Lenny Kolada, current Smokehouse owner and original co-founder of Barley’s downtown, said the change was to avoid confusion with Barley’s downtown and better reflect the Smokehouse’s identity as a provider of award-winning microbrew and barbecue.

The new brand will begin rolling out May 7 with a new menu, though Kolada said it may take until the end of 2014 to change everything, including signage, to the new logo and name.

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