The Cocktail Menu: Mouton

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It was funky and understated, and a place I knew I would love from the start.

A typical Wednesday evening at the Short North is reaching new heights, and Columbus is starting to be influenced by the vibes and lifestyles of even bigger cities. Mouton is the perfect example of a non-Columbus bar perfectly situated in the gorgeous urban atmosphere, paired with drinks to suit any summer mood.

Mouton Cocktails

Pina Colada

When it seems your mandatory summer relationship with ice cream has become codependent and clingy, a Mouton pina colada will make a nice fling. Milk-washed rum spotlights hints of the tropics, yet fruity flavors have a playful kind of beachside fun that you can still get away with. A combination of creamsicle and unassuming youth perfectly describe this light cocktail.

Moscow Mule

Lemonade with a kick, with love from Mouton. This spicy cocktail procrastinates, waiting until the last minute to become unexpectedly sweet. A combination of karma and sass give a deserving kick when the taste of ginger suddenly hits, a complaint only those against awesome drinks would have. Fresh and boastful, this Moscow Mule knows a thing or two about making the right first impression

Barefoot in the Garden

Dressed Up in the Bar or Barefoot in the Garden, this daring cocktail is an elegant blur. A smooth start leads to a spicy flavor, but this drink remains strong through the finish line. A step above the classic pina colada and Moscow Mule, Barefoot in the Garden steps away from fruitiness and dips its toes into darker mixes and far more daring combinations. Mellow infusions make this a fun drink for all ages.

One by one or as a trio, the drinks at Mouton deliver. A little bit of this and the slightest hint of that give these drinks much-deserved attention and praise. What sets this cozy, intimate spot apart from the just-barely-there bars? Mouton gives you what you didn’t know you wanted. It’s the next under-stated invention, the up-and-coming star, anything but a one-hit wonder.

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    This place is on my 2014 list. I can’t wait to go now!!

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