Beer from Here: Actual Weiner-Munchen

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Once fall hits, one of my favorite beers to drink is an Oktoberfest. Everything about the style exudes “Autumn”. Crisp, bright, full of rustic grain flavors. It’s lovely. Actual’s Wiener-Munchen Festival lager embodies many of these same characteristics, creating a thoroughly drinkable lager perfect for the change in season.

The nose is malt forward, showcasing toast and crusty bread. Slight biscuit notes add to this. There is a hint of sweetness at the sides, highlighting honey and a touch of caramel, but remaining far from sticky. Like most festbiers, there is a touch of earthy florality from the hops, changing ever so slightly to a mild fruit presence as the beer warms. The entire aroma is gentle and non-intrusive, but bold enough to wash over the senses before it hits your tongue.

Across the palate, bread and biscuit arrive first, rounded by notes of bread crust and grain that help to dry the malt a bit. The same slightly sweet notes of caramel and honey remain, but this has lager crispness at every moment of the drink. Appearing more as the beer warms, there are notes of apples and pears beneath the maltiness. They are faint, and can only be discerned if you are studying this beer, but if you find them, enjoy. They help to broaden the flavor of this beer, without coming across as a flaw. Near the end, there is a slight but noticeable bitterness that brings balance to the beer. The hops also bring a touch of earth and floralness, that once again, brings a slight berry vibe as the beer warms.

Though Oktoberfest itself might be over, that is no reason not to drink this beer. Actual’s Wiener-Munchen is a great fall beer – crushable, malty, and refreshing, especially in cooler weather. It comes in cans now, so go find yourself a six-pack.

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