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Kindred Artisan Ales has a bunch of awesomeness cooking up between the brewery and the tasting room/barrel house. Their Wit, one of their first offerings and a staple of their lineup, showcases the best of their beers: great flavor, great technique, and a love of the craft. Simply by drinking this beer, you can tell that it was made by people who love both drinking great beer, and making great beer. It’s good times in a bottle.

On the nose, this is classic wit. A smooth wheat base arrives first, followed by a slight yeast tartness. There is a hint of citrus at the back, but the overall aroma is clean and crisp. If you allow the beer to warm, the citrus becomes more evident, as does a slight cracker vibe at the sides, but the aroma remains mostly subdued.

Across the palate, the wheat smoothness is upfront, alongside a bit of tartness from the yeast. Far from sour, it helps to dry the flavor ever so slightly, creating balance. There is a touch of spice that arrives after the first drink, slightly peppery but restrained. Citrus notes also make an appearance courtesy of both the coriander and the orange peel. As the beer warms, slight tropical notes begin to arise, mainly papaya at the back of each drink. It is by no means a predominant flavor, but it is there, and it goes great with the citrus. Super-drinkable, each taste fades from the tongue relatively quickly, enticing you to take another drink.

Kindred’s Wit a great example of the style. To the point but with a slight hint of flair that allows it to stand out, it is an easy drinker that is great at just about any time of the year. Try it at their tasting room, or pick up a six-pack at bottle shops around Columbus.

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