New owners of Powell Village Winery share plans for 2017

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Powell Village Winery tables

Powell Village Winery is starting off the new year under new ownership.

Dana and Ken Waldron purchased the winery in December from Jeff and Gina Kirby, who are stepping away from the Powell tasting room’s operation to focus on franchising. Locations are already in the works for Cleveland and New Albany.

Dana Waldron had previously managed Powell Village Winery, which opened in 2011.

“We talked about [buying the winery] for about a year with Jeff and Gina, and after that there wasn’t much to try and convince me because, I mean, [the winery] is just in my heart and my soul,” said Dana.

Though much of the winery will continue to operate as-is, the Waldrons have a few changes planned, the first of which is switching to serving kegged wine on site.

“Keg wine is really a new concept, said Dana. “If you go to Napa you see a lot of wineries who have gone to keg wine, and the reason it is cool is because the wine stays fresher longer. There is a bladder in the keg so no air gets into it. It’s also much more environmentally friendly, and then the work experience for our employees will be much better too. I mean, you ought to see us on a busy night. We’re popping open bottles all night long. But we’ll still have all of our bottles for retail.”

They plan to start construction on the new tap system in mid-February.

Powell Village Winery bar

Other changes include sprucing up the patio and expanding into a neighboring space to open a private event space that will accomodate about 40 guests.

Powell Village’s wines, which are crafted from grapes sourced central coast California, will remain mostly unchanged, as Jeff Kirby will continue to handle production.

“We have a really really good variety,” said Dana. “We have reds that are light like our pinot noir, to our driest our boldest which is our Cabernet Sauvignon.”

The boutique winery also offers a small selection of local craft beer on-tap and a limited food menu featuring fare sourced from other local businesses.

“We try to stay with a lot of local breweries, bakers, that sort of thing because, we like to help other businesses out because we need help too, just as much as anybody else,” said Dana.

Powell Village Winery is located at 50 S. Liberty Street, Suite 174 in Powell.

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