BrewDog USA announces CEO

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BrewDog today announced the appointment of local entrepreneur Tanisha Robinson as CEO of BrewDog USA.

Robinson is a long-time Columbus resident whose previous entrepreneurial experience includes Print Syndicate, TicketFire and

BrewDog’s first USA-brewed beers are slated to hit stores starting next week, so the new CEO will be spearheading the growth of BrewDog’s distribution, initially focusing on Ohio before expanding to neighboring states and beyond. Robinson will also be managing the expansion of BrewDog’s US bar division, beginning with plans to open craft beer bars in Franklinton and the Short North by the end of the year.

“Our biggest priority right now is getting our beer into people’s hands,” said Robinson in a statement. “Luckily, that will start this week. We’re focused on making great beers, telling our story to the US in a very BrewDog way, being the greatest place to work in the world, and creating awesome experiences for our customers and the Equity Punk community.”

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  1. Someone who knows July 6, 2017 at 12:26 PM · Reply

    Ha! Good luck with THAT pick. Her track record of drama, fraud, employee abuse and other illegal and outrageous schnangigans means that she sold the interview well, but now we can all gather around to watch the company crumble under her leadership.

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