Cheryl Harrison

Cheryl Harrison. Editor of Drink Up Columbus. Geek of the craft beer/board game/sci-fi varieties. Fan of patios.

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Paul Gardner

Paul is an English undergrad who loves beer, writing, writing about beer, and drinking while writing. When he's not browsing beer sections for hours on end, he can be found over at, inventing words and somehow managing to make sense.

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Laura Oldham

Laura is a Copywriter/WordPress Developer/Social Media Helper/Enthusiast of Slashes who lives in Grandview with her husband, Doug. She’s a huge champion of Columbus, bars and especially Columbus bars.

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Deb Bitzan

Debbie is a glutarded dog mom that loves gin and Columbus. She prefers soda over tonic and lime over lemon. No cucumber.

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Sage Wolfe

Sage is an engineering grad student who loves beer, cars, and guns — in that order. At least right now. A homebrewer and gay for anything Belgian.

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Abby Hofrichter

Abby drinks her Jameson with ginger, beer with friends and bourbon on the rocks--if she's feeling fancy. Follow @AbigailLHoff on Twitter.

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Ryan Bell

Ryan has been homebrewing since 2006, and it was homebrewing that really got him into craft beer. He's a certified beer and food geek, and spends a good part of his daily allotment of daydreams on ideas for future batches of beer.

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Nicole Kraft

Nicole may have left her Napa Valley roots behind when she came to east and became an Ohio State journalism professor, but she manages to keep her glass full in Columbus' terrific wine bar scene. She writes for Columbus Monthly, (614), the Ohio State Alumni Magazine among many other publications across North America, and can open bottles of sparkling wine with barely a whisper to make sure those fabulous bubbles go in the glass. She also blogs at

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Regina Vilenskaya

Regina Vilenskaya. Two cups of coffee and one mojito is all it takes for Regina to get out her pen and notepad. You can find her traveling to the next big city, quoting The Wedding Singer, or making excuses to wear a timeless pair of heels.

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Chelsea Weaver

Chelsea is a graduate from Ohio State University, humorist, and freelancer. She currently lives, writes and drinks in Columbus. Follow her on Twitter @chelsearweaver

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Bill Babbitt

Bill Babbitt is a retired engineer, beer lover, and freelance writer for Beer Advocate Magazine.

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Christie Robb

Christie Robb. Christie is a freelance writer, new mom, and craft beer enthusiast. On summer evenings she can often be found lounging on her Clintonville porch with a baby monitor, frostily glass, and gaggle of friends.

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Isidora Díaz

Isidora Díaz. Isidora is a Chilean food writer, wine lover and a compulsive cook. She came to Columbus recently because of her mad-scientist husband Raúl. Her English gets so much better with a couple of beers. @isidoradiaz on twitter and instagram

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