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August 21, 2016, No comments

Hoptopus! I’m starting off the review with the name of the beer because I like saying it. Damn straight that’s good enough a reason. This hoppy pale wheat ale is […]

Three Tigers

Three Tigers Brewing taps first two beers

August 20, 2016, No comments

To say that Three Tigers owner Scott Wilkens and Head Brewer Matt Mazur are happy guys right now would be a huge understatement. The Granville brewery ...


Sip and Stroll debuting at North Market

August 16, 2016, No comments

Soon visitors of the North Market will be able to enjoy a glass of beer or wine while savoring the shopping and dining options that the Market has to ...

Trattoria Roma

Drunk Brunch: Trattoria Roma

August 16, 2016, No comments

Trattoria Roma has been serving classic Italian cuisine in the heart of Grandview Heights for over 25 years, but it’s just this summer that the ...

  • 120 Minute
    120 Minute IPA headed to Ohio
    August 10, 2016, No comments

    With the elimination of Ohio’s ABV limit imminent, more breweries are announcing plans to send their high gravity beers to the Buckeye state. Since the Ohio legislature passed a bill […]

  • Equity For Punks
    BrewDog launches Equity for Punks USA
    August 8, 2016, No comments

    The long awaited Equity for Punks USA offering has finally been rolled out. The nine-year old Scottish brewer BrewDog is hoping to raise $50M to support their new US operations. […]