Giving The Oval Brewing Company a Kickstart

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Columbus Underground just declared 2012 the Year of the Beer, and two former Buckeyes are out to affirm this by launching yet another brewery in Columbus – this one funded by you.

The hopeful brewery-owners-to-be today launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund The Oval Brewing Company, with the lofty goal of $30,000 raised by April 1st.

Kickstarter is a relatively new and unique way to fund creative projects. Backers can contribute anything from a dollar up with various “reward” levels offered for different donations. (Columbus writer Nick Dekker recently had his book, Breakfast with Nick, funded through Kickstarter.) For Oval, the backer rewards range from branded stickers and swag to creating your own beer, artwork and all, at Oval.

Oval Brewing President Adam Benner expects his past successes starting companies will translate to the brewery. “In high school and college my friends and I started a couple of web development companies that allowed us to not have to work regular jobs. After college I have worked in software implementation, financial analysis and operations management. All these experiences have given be a good foundation to taking the leap to running my own business. I started brewing back in 2009, and I am currently enrolled in the Siebel Institute of Technology, brewing school, in Chicago. I am ready to head back home to Ohio and join the new wave of awesome breweries opening up in Columbus.”

Benner’s partner, Walt Keys, will be the Creative Director for the operation, and though Benner does have some homebrewing experience paired with the Siebel educational background in brewing, they intend to find someone else to serve as the head brewer. (They’re hiring.)

“We are planning a production brewery that will keg and can,” said Benner. “Cans offer much greater portability, they cool down faster, and are easy to recycle. We’ll also feature a tap room where special releases will be available…. Right now we are scouring the local real estate market for the best place to start up, and should know soon.”

Benner said a late 2012 or early 2013 opening is planned – even if the Kickstarter funding fails. “We may change the scope of the brewery, but we do have some investors already. We are using Kickstarter campaign as a gauge of interest as well. If we underestimated the brewery and totally miss the mark then we would have to reassess what we are doing. If we are close to our goal, but don’t reach it then we would move forward.” As with all Kickstarter campaigns, if 100% of the $30,000 funding goal isn’t reached by the declared date, the would-be brewery owners get nothing, and those who had pledged pay nothing.

You can contribute to The Oval Brewing Company on Kickstarter.

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