Gotta get to Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

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Wolf's Ridge BrewingAs we put money into the meter in front of Wolf’s Ridge for our second stop into the wonderful new brewpub, a host frantically ran out to stop us.

“Meters are off, no need to waste your quarters!”

Even before entering into the new brewpub located in the increasingly boozy section of Fourth Street we were impressed.

I’ve been to Wolf’s Ridge for both brunch and dinner and can say with confidence that this was some of the best food I’ve had in months. The brunch and dinner menus are both simple with a focus on new American style food with locally sourced fresh ingredients. I was a huge fan of the Wolf’s Ridge 3 a.m. IPA, and I look forward to the more beers on the way. The service was friendly and attentive, and I was absolutely charmed by the interior of Wolf’s Ridge.

Wolf's Ridge BrewingThe large, roomy and bright brewpub is a gorgeous mix of rustic, industrial and modern. Simple vases with daisies, lilacs and wildflowers spruce up each table. Long communal tables in the middle make the space ideal for groups, and more intimate tables along the wall round out the space nicely. The polished metal bar seats roughly 12 people, and as you turn around you can see through glass the incredibly impressive brewery equipment to give the space a bit of an industrial feel. You can also get a view into the large kitchen where fantastic meals like the Toad in the Hole I had for brunch and the ribs I had for dinner are being carefully created. Wolf’s Ridge keeps the charm of an old space with the stamped tin ceiling and brick walls, but the paint and finishes give the space a clean, modern feel.

The beer list as a whole is carefully curated to include a nice mix of styles from great breweries from throughout the country. Wolf’s Ridge doesn’t offer a ton of booze, but they have the basics and a nice mix of cocktails included on their menu. Currently their own IPA and red ale are available, with a stout and American wheat coming soon. The beer menu includes food pairing suggestions, and the dinner menu which includes soups, salads, small plates, sandwiches and entrees include plenty of great choices for your pairing pleasures.

Wolf's Ridge BrewingThe new brewpub’s high ceilings, stainless fixtures, simple elegance and glass exterior offer a very simple, peaceful space for a drink and a bite to eat. The meals are worth every penny, and I very much look forward to trying their upcoming new beer offerings.

The brewpub’s name cleverly comes from Columbus’ past as a hunting preserve known as Wolf’s Ridge. The Szuter family is behind the new venture, and the father/son team of Alan and Bob Szuter are leading the charge. Alan’s experience as a business consultant gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the country to sample various brewpubs, and he’s done a fantastic job of putting together the best elements to make Wolf’s Ridge an absolutely impressive brewpub.

Wolf’s Ridge is a warm, inviting space that I would highly recommend as a stop for a drink or a full meal. During the day sunlight streams in and at night Edison bulbs offer a warm evening light.

Simply stated, you should be at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. Now.

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4 Comments on "Gotta get to Wolf’s Ridge Brewing"

  1. Fredrick Lee October 21, 2013 at 2:28 PM · Reply

    Laura, Excellent article. Mira and I went to the brewery for Saturday brunch and were both thoroughly impressed. The food and beer were nothing short of mind-blowing. Best time i’ve had in Columbus in a long time.

  2. Laura Oldham October 21, 2013 at 3:03 PM · Reply

    Thanks, Fred! Glad to hear you guys loved it as well. Beautiful space with absolutely fantastic food.

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