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June 28, 2016, No comments

Seventh Son is releasing a collaboration brew with Michigan’s Dark Horse Brewing tonight at their taproom and at other bars throughout the week. The beer is a stout called Future […]

Beer from Here: Buckeye Lake Blue Goose

June 28, 2016, No comments

I’m often asked “how do I get my husband/wife/grandpa/friend/friend’s dog to drink craft beer? All they drink is Budweiser.” I ...

Here’s what you’re drinking this weekend at ComFest

June 24, 2016, No comments

Bust out your brightly colored mugs because ComFest 2016 is taking place all weekend at Goodale Park with plenty of live music, local food, arts and c ...

Expert mixologist elevates Everclear

June 24, 2016, No comments

It turns out Everclear is good for more than just tubs of jungle juice at college parties. Mixologist Ted Kilgore demonstrated how the corn-based, neu ...

  • Ohio to get a taste of Utopias
    June 22, 2016, 4 Comments

    Samuel Adams Utopia is one of the most highly coveted bottles of beer, clocking in at a massive 30% ABV. It also comes with a massive price tag: $200 for […]