Noble Cut Distillery launches line of Italian-style liqueurs

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Gahanna’s Noble Cut Distillery has recently released several different fruit-flavored limoncello variants. (Read our previous article about Noble Cut’s opening)

The distillery began selling spirits in early 2018 starting off with a line of flavored whiskeys. They debuted their limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, in June of 2018, the recipe for which has been passed down six generations through Noble Cut distiller and co-owner Tony Guilfoy’s family.

“Every Palm Sunday the family would zest lemons and make a batch which they would bottle on St. Nicholas Day, and on St. Nicholas Day we’d zest more lemons and bottle that for Easter,” said Guilfoy. “[My Grandma, Sarafina,] gave away her limoncello for Easter and for Christmas.”

The story of Sarafina and some of the additional rich history behind Guilfoy’s family, who hail from Naples, is featured on the labels of the limoncello and Noble Cut’s other flavored cello liqueurs.

“We initially were just going to do lemoncello and orangecello but when we started doing tours a woman said that we should do a grapefruitcello so… we did a test batch and it came out great,” said Guilfoy. “You get that essence of grapefruit without getting killed by the sourness.”

Last month Noble Cut launched the grapefruit cello, which uses over 600 pounds of hand-zested ruby red grapefruit, and a limecello that is made with 400 pounds of Persian limes.

“We hand zest everything and our hands can prove it,” said Guilfoy. “There’s a certain way we zest which is part of our secret that gives us our distinct flavor.”

While the other locally-made limoncello from Tessora Limone, which is based in New Albany, is only around 20% alcohol, Noble Cut’s cellos each clock in at a much higher 40% ABV.

“Usually in Italy [limoncello] is between 80-120 proof but here in the states for some reason [many] do it closer to 20 proof,” said Guilfoy. “We wanted to create this at a higher proof so people could make cocktails with it. When you add low proof limoncello to a drink it dilutes down to 2-3% alcohol, and if you make a cocktail you want it to finish at 10% alcohol or more.”

Speaking of cocktails, Guilfoy suggests combining two parts Grapefruitcello, one part Vim and Petal gin from Middle West Spirits, and seltzer water for a refreshing spring/summer cocktail.

Noble Cut Distillery is located at 750 Cross Pointe Rd, Suite K in Gahanna and hosts bottle shop hours on Saturdays from noon to 4pm. Distillery tours can be booked online. Noble Cut spirits are also available in select state liquor stores, a list of which can be found on the distillery’s website.

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    I want to buy a bottle of your Grapefruitcello in the clear glass bottle with the reddish diagonal slash line in the front. Can I find that somewhere— Springfield or Gahanna or Columbus. I found one in a tall opaque white bottle but that’s not what I am searching for.
    Thank you

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