The road to Rhetoric

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If you’re up for a drive through the Ohio countryside on some Fall afternoon, head northwest out of town to Union County. Located just six miles from metropolitan Richwood, Ohio is a small brewery by the name of Rhetoric.

Rhetoric is the very definition of being located “in the middle of nowhere”. As you pass miles of open farmland and countless silos, you’ll suddenly spot Warner’s Locker Service and Deer Processing. Drive around to the back of the building and you’ve arrived at Rhetoric Brewing. Inside, you will have your choice of craft beer, mead, cider, and wine; all made by Rhetoric. The taproom is small, but cozy and well lit, from skylights in the ceiling. You may notice the marble bar top which was salvaged from the butcher shop that originally occupied the front of the building. The interior walls are also repurposed materials, being made from old barn siding. The taproom opens to the rear to a patio, newly covered and heated to allow for plenty of room to spread out.

Rhetoric opened in February of 2019, serving wine, mead and cider. Beer was added one year ago this week. Currently on tap is an English Mild, an English Pale Ale, an American Stout, a Porter, an IPA, a Blonde and a Vienna Lager. Add to that four wines, three hard ciders and two Meads, and there is something for everyone. The meads are made with local honey, and the ciders with local apples. Fresh hops are available a few hundred yards down the road from Grandpop’s Hops farm.

Rhetoric is located on a multi-generational farm at 25420 Claibourne Road.

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