All aboard the Homestead bus

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One of the many problems local craft brewers faced as a result of the pandemic was social distancing requirements that drastically reduced seating allowances. Given that Homestead’s taproom was small to begin with, and patio seating in February was not a pleasant option, it was necessary to get creative. Initial thoughts centered around large tents, which turn out to be remarkably expense and not always durable. Thoughts around some sort of vehicle, like a motor home, ultimately led to a solution that was fun, innovative, versatile, and affordable.

Homestead’s Joe Wilson found a facility in Pennsylvania that sold used school buses for a relative song. With a small additional investment, the bus was remodeled, parked next to their patio, and has been a cozy spot for a cold beer since February. The bus features drink rails on each side in both the front and back. Over the rear wheel wells, are a pair of slate top tables with reupholstered bus seats. With a string of lights running around the interior and a small space heater in the front, the bus becomes a viable seating option day or night; summer of winter.

“The bus was half the price of a tent and you can’t drive a tent anywhere,” said Wilson.

The bus will be available for rental, on-site or off. There are also some interesting thoughts in the works around painting the buses’ exterior.

Homestead is located in Heath at 811 Irving-Wick Drive in Heath.

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