Getaway Brewing Company opens this weekend

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The team behind Seventh Son and Antiques On High will unveil their newest concept, Getaway Brewing Company, in Dublin on Saturday, May 29th.

While Seventh Son is focused on traditional American Craft Ales, and Antiques On High is heavily into sours, Getaway takes a different tack with a bent toward lagers. Head brewer Colin Vent has made his bones brewing ales for years, and the opportunity to brew some fine lagers is clearly a welcomed opportunity to demonstrate his range of brewing skill. The Getaway beer on Saturday will include a pair of Marzens, a Schwartzbier, a Rice Lager and a German Pilsner, plus an Altbier, a Raspberry Gose, a Belgian Single Ale, and yes, even an IPA.

Collin Castore — who co-owns the trio of brewpubs with Jen Burton and Travis Spenser — talked about the nostalgia many of us have about a great beer, that the experience is often about when and where we had it. So Getaway is about creating an environment and a lineup of worldwide beers that brings that all home. The brewpub itself is new construction, built by Crawford-Hoying as part of their massive reinvention of Dublin. When you walk in at street level from North High Street, you would never know that you are actually entering the fourth floor of a five-story building. The building is on a hillside with three floors of apartments below. You will be greeted by an open, bright, airy arena that is perhaps more New York chic, than Cbus. A massive diorama behind the bar displays a scenic representation of the western U.S. with lighting that can vary from morning to high noon to nighttime. On either side of the diorama are TV’s that are a veritable travelogue with placid scenes from around the world.

The 1000 square foot greenhouse across the room offers bright, airy seating which can be partitioned off for large private parties. The greenhouse and the entire taproom are festooned with greenery, palm trees and the like, that soften the modern décor.

Getaway is located at 108 North High Street in Dublin. Note that Getaway falls within the new Dublin DORA zone which allows you to stroll down the street with a fine craft beer in hand on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5 – 10 PM.

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