Homestead opening new location at Cherry Valley Hotel

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Homestead Beer Co is opening a new satellite location at the recently revitalized Cherry Valley Hotel in Newark.

The new Homestead Public House at Cherry Valley, which will open on Friday, August 27, will offer trivia nights, exclusive tastings, open mic and karaoke nights, and private events in the 2,200 square foot Barrel Room.

“It’s an incredible chance to offer more to our customers,” said Joe Wilson, CEO of Homestead Beer C in a statement. “We love Licking County and can’t wait to broaden the horizon right in our backyard.”

Alongside Homestead’s flagship beers and small batch beers brewed just for the Public House, the Homestead Public House at Cherry Valley will also offer a full lineup of craft cocktails in addition to wine, cider, alcoholic seltzers and a selection of beer and cocktail slushies.

“Our goal is to create experiences that will enhance a stay,” said Tim Norman, General Manager of Cherry Valley Hotel in a statement. “Our work at Cherry Valley Hotel is part of our long-term focus to reinvent the hotel experience for our guests and the local community.”

Cherry Valley Hotel is located at 2299 Cherry Valley Rd SE in Newark.

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