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November 23, 2021, No comments

Old Fool Brewing opened just east of Newark on June 15 but has yet to brew a beer. They have survived to-date serving a nice array of guest beers while […]

Libations around Lancaster

October 5, 2021, No comments

Perhaps you are thinking about taking an afternoon excursion to enjoy the fall foliage, and maybe a fine craft beer while you’re at it. Or, you migh ...

Henmick Farm and Brewery opens in Delaware July 16

July 3, 2021, 7 Comments

Riddle me this: what is new on the outside, old on the inside, and filled with beer? The answer: Henmick Farm and Brewery, which opens Friday, July 16 ...

Beer from the Heart (State)

June 3, 2021, No comments

The Three Amigos behind Nowhere in Particular and Somewhere in Particular are now brewing beer in a Gahanna industrial complex under the Heart State B ...

  • All aboard the Homestead bus
    May 24, 2021, No comments

    One of the many problems local craft brewers faced as a result of the pandemic was social distancing requirements that drastically reduced seating allowances. Given that Homestead’s taproom was small […]

  • Wolf’s Ridge launches low-cal IPA
    January 11, 2021, No comments

    For hop heads seeking healthier options in the New Year, Wolf’s Ridge has released a new low-calorie hazy IPA called Pup. This 95 calorie/4.5 carb beer clocks in at 4% […]

  • Lineage adapts to survive
    January 11, 2021, No comments

    The past year has been a brutal one for bars, restaurants and breweries. In their nearly six years of operation, Lineage Brewing in Clintonville primarily relied on revenue from in-house […]