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Hey Hey Bar and Grill
March 13, 2014, 7 Comments

While it doesn’t take a ton of arm-twisting for me to like a charming neighborhood bar such as the Hey Hey Bar and Grill on the edge of German Village, […]

Lisska Bar and Grill

Dive In: Lisska Bar & Grill

February 12, 2014, 1 Comment

“Dive In” is Laura’s ongoing exploration of Columbus’ best dive bars. “If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport!” Thi ...

The Pointe Tavern

Dive In: The Pointe Tavern

January 29, 2014, No comments

“Dive In” is Laura’s ongoing exploration of Columbus’ best dive bars. I find something incredibly satisfying and calming about ...

O'Reilly's Pub in Clintonville

Dive In: O’Reilly’s Pub

September 12, 2013, No comments

“What has four teeth and eight tits?” … “The third shift at Waffle House!” Welcome to O’Reilly’s Pub, a fant ...

  • The Bierstube
    Dive In: Bierstube
    June 3, 2013, No comments

    I grew up in a small farming town in Northwest Ohio where the local bars are the hangouts. From the time I could ride my bike to purchase all the […]

  • Mickey's Bar
    Dive In: Mickey’s Bar
    March 5, 2013, 4 Comments

    Mickey’s does not eff around when it comes to karaoke. Often the marquee out front says “World’s Best Karaoke Wed-Sun, Euchre Mon” and while I can’t vouch for the euchre […]

  • Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill
    Dive In: Johnnie’s Glenn Avenue Grill
    January 23, 2013, No comments

    Newcomers to Johnnie’s Glenn Avenue Grill might be surprised to find that this classic dive bar offers no food beyond their Slim Jim display and Frito’s tower. But after a […]

  • The Ruckmoor Pub
    Dive In: The Ruckmoor Pub
    January 8, 2013, 3 Comments

    Female Bartender: “Is the quarter still in the urinal?” Male Barback: “…Yeah, I didn’t want to tell you because I thought you’d be mad. Do you want me to take […]

  • The Main Bar
    Dive In: The Main Bar
    November 13, 2012, 2 Comments

    “Are you getting crazy tonight? Are YOU getting CRAZY tonight?” asks the grinning 20-something-year-old man with the knit Cavs cap and healthy level of intoxication wandering around The Main Bar […]