Champagne and dessert bar? Sweet.

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Fans of bubbly, rejoice. The newly opened Fleur will give you something to toast. (Note: That website is pretty worthless as of publishing this, so don’t bother.)

The space has a European vibe to it – white marble bar with white stools, white booths with orange tables, and colorful artwork on the otherwise white walls. Vases of fresh flowers spread throughout. Lofted seating above it all. The effect is quite stunning. Located at the corner of Third and Long, the uncovered windows offer a view to the lights of the city outside and something for passing traffic to envy on the inside.

The Menu

Poppin’ bottles

Full-sized bottles of champagne range in price from $40 to $1000, with most of them falling in the $100-$300 range. “Personal bubbles” – the small, single-serving bottles that are oh-so fun to consume through a straw, fall from $12-25 a pop.

Cocktail Me

Fleur’s menu thrives with a tasty handful of champagne cocktails, like the 1812: Champagne, vodka and raspberries; the Fleur Mojito: champagne, cane rum, fresh mint and lime juice; and a personal favorite, Strawberry Vodka Pop, rosé and vodka with fresh strawberries. These concoctions will set you back $12-14 each.

The Hard Stuff

The menu boasts “the most extensive vodka selection,” including locally-crafted OYO and OYO Honey Vanilla Bean, some of my greatest weaknesses like Van Gough Double Espresso and Pinnacle Whipped, and two dozen more. One would expect to find a wide scotch/bourbon selection, in a “dessert bar”, but that’s not the case here. Yet, anyway.


Going into Fleur, I had heard, and expected, that desserts were being curated from bakeries around Central Ohio. What a surprise when I saw a bartender unpacking a box of desserts she had just picked up into the glass cases around the bar. A box from… Whole Foods. Really? Columbus is home to some incredible desserts… Pistacia Vera, Sugardaddys, Pattycake… but no, Whole Foods? (Though I must confess that my chocolate tart was delish.) Upon later investigation, I learned that the bar also carries desserts from Pistacia Vera (thank god!) and Le Chocoholique. Here’s to hoping this “dessert bar” continues to expand its dessert selection to include Cbus’ best.

Happy Hour

If this is all starting to sound out of your budget, you’ll have to give them a visit during happy hour, Monday through Friday from 4-7pm – all specialty cocktails are $7, vodka martinis are $6, and domestic bottles are $2.

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2 Comments on "Champagne and dessert bar? Sweet."

  1. Bobby Roberts April 4, 2011 at 10:08 AM · Reply

    I am rarely in that area of town, but looks like a nice place to go on a date after dinner. I hope it is here to stay.

  2. jasoncrowe April 4, 2011 at 3:39 PM · Reply

    Really hope they go with more fresh locally made desserts! If I’m dropping $70 on an after-dinner date I’d better not be getting a slice of pie-in-a-box from Whole Foods. Have to check it out for happy hour sometime soon.

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