Gluten Free and Thirsty: Cider Tasting at Hal & Al’s

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Back in April, we did a write up on Hal & Al’s, the vegan-friendly, boozie dive just south of downtown. The bar is a beer-lover’s wet dream, loaded with obscure microbrews, several taps of flowing, frothy ale, and (presumably) healthy-ish bar food to accompany it.

Every Tuesday, H&A’s hosts a tasting to keep bar regulars and enthusiastic beer nerds in on their current beer offerings. This Tuesday, November 15th, Gluten-Free drinkers can get in on the fun at a cider tasting featuring Neil House Brewery’s new Imperial Cranberry Cider.

From Hal & Al’s:

“Our regulars know we always have at least a half dozen or so hard ciders always in stock including Strongbow and Neil House’s Cranberry Cider. So we figured it was about time to bring in a bunch more for you to enjoy. And as a special treat we’ll welcome Patrick Kelleher of Neil House Brewery as we tap a keg of a specially made Imperial Cranberry Cider. For those of you that may not know, that means a high ABV and more intense version of his Cranberry Cider we always have on tap, a house favorite! And with your sampling of all the ciders, you’ll get to take home a Hal & Al’s Neil House Brewery souvenir pint glass.

We’ll also be sampling:

A full line up from Woodchuck including their fall, pumpkin, pear, and apple cider.

A special combination of Harpoon’s cider and their winter beer (called an apple pie), with a possible appearance by the Harpoon Rep (sign up online to become a friend of Harpoon and hit him up for something you show him your card)

A mix of Strongbow and vodka concocted by one of our favorite bar regulars, Karen Mills.

Blackthorn and Sir Perry, a couple new ciders about to hit the Columbus market.”

For $15 you get 9 samples and a pint class. The tasting starts at 4pm and runs simultaneously with H&A’s happy hour.

Gluten free Columb(ians? usites?) can imbibe with carelessly (and recklessly) at this event, but be sure to avoid the Harpoon winter beer because that is definitely not gluten free.



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