Seventh Son taps first four beers

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4/20 is a perfect day to enjoy our favorite aromatic green plant… HOPS.

You can get your hop high at Seventh Son Brewing, who will be tapping their very first ever batches of beer.

Seventh Son opened its doors earlier this year as a bar, and has enjoyed popularity featuring other craft breweries on tap with a rotation of food trucks out front. However, due to delays with permitting they were unable to start brewing their own beer til a few weeks ago.

Colin Vent, one of Seventh Son’s two brewers (the other being Vladamir Ponomarev) told Drink Up Columbus about the four beers that will be available this weekend at the brewery.

Seventh Son American Strong Ale

7.5% ABV | 17 SRM | 38 IBU
Amber color, hoppy aromatic nose, flavor a balance of hop and malt characteristics and a mellow balancing hop bitterness.

The “Seventh Son of Seventh Son,” if you will. The name of the beer came first. The brewery, if you recall, was originally called “Born.”

“It’s an American strong ale, and we use that category because it’s sort of a catch-all,” said Vent. “It’s weaker than a barleywine, it’s not dark enough to be a big stout, it’s too dark to be an IPA, not bitter enough.”

Spring Sheep Stout

5% ABV
Dry hopped with Northern brewer and Willamette for a unique aroma with flavors of dark unsweetened bakers chocolate fading into a lingering carob and licorice finish.

Black Sheep Stout has long been planned as the “counter” to the Seventh Son ale, but due partially to the warmer weather and partially to not wanting to try such a big beer on the first go, they created a session stout called “Spring Sheep.”

“It is somewhat uncharacteristically dry hopped which you don’t usually see in a stout,” said Vent. “We wanted something that was a little bit outside the average stylistically. We didn’t want to make it too easy on people when they taste the beer the first time… we didn’t want to give people an easy out with the descriptions. We didn’t want someone to taste it and automatically go, ‘Well typical stout, so it’s gotta be roasty like coffee and chocolate and blah blah blah.’ When they actually smell it they say, ‘Well geez, there’s actually a definite hop characteristic and nose.'”

Humulus Nimbus Very Pale Ale

6.2% ABV | 5 SRM | 70 IBU
Clear dandelion gold, pine and tropical fruit in the nose, deep bitterness, hint of berries from Mosaic hops and more pine, dry light finish from Simco hops.

“I wanted to approach it as a very, very, very pale ale,” said Vent. “Normally pale ales are dark gold to an amber, copper color and this thing is nearly pilsner in color. Very dry, bitter in the finish, kind of like a baby IPA.”

Stone Fort Oat Brown

5.25% ABV | 22 SRM | 21 IBU
The most “British” of the bunch, easy drinking and rich in body, hints of cocoa, coffee, brown sugar and biscuits.

“[The name is] in reference to the Old Stone Fort, which is an Ohio landmark up in Coshocton County. It’s the oldest building in Ohio, they think, built in the mid 1600s,” said Vent. “For a lot of our naming scheme we wanted to things that are folklore, local legends, local mysteries.”

Seventh Son plans to get up to about nine different beers over the next several months, with a hibiscus ale and an imperial brown among those currently in the works. Some of the beers will be available year-round, and some only seasonally.

“We don’t know what anything’s going to do at this point,” said Vent. “This is the first time we’ve ever made these beers and this weekend will be the first time we’ve ever sold them. What we think will be a flagship might not be and what we think is a seasonal might become a standard.”

You can try Seventh Son’s inaugural beers starting at 5pm Saturday, April 20. Seventh Son will begin distributing to area bars later next week, Vent said. Growlers will also be available to-go from the brewery.

Seventh Son is located at 1101 N. 4th Street.

Photo Credit: Matt Lydy

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