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DK Diner has been a longtime favorite of mine, tucked away in a residential neighborhood on Third Avenue in Grandview Heights. The walls of the small diner lined with Grandview school sport memorabilia from decades passed, the small patio offering an al fresca space if you are lucky enough to score a table, the genuinely delicious food at prices far lower than I’d be happy to pay, and of course THE DONUTS (“DK” stands for “Donut Kitchen.”)

Also until recently, there was also a 0% chance that I’d be writing about DK Diner on Drink Up Columbus. The, uh, “drink” aspect was notably absent, as is the case with most diner-style establishments around Columbus. But friends, that has all changed, as the DK Diner added alcohol to their offerings several weeks ago, and can now happily join the club of drunk brunch.

While DK only has “standard” brunch cocktails on the menu, I love this place so much and am thrilled they have ANY brunch cocktails so I’m not going to complain. The four available choices are the DK All The Way Mary adorned with bacon, tater tots and green olives, a screwdriver, an irish coffee and a pineapple-and–strawberry topped mimosa. A handful of domestics join brews from 21st Ammendment, Great Lakes, Sam Adams and CBC, with another six wines available by the glass. If you’ve been to DK Diner before, you’re familiar with their “grab your own beverages” policy, which is still in effect for coffee and soda, but you have to ask a server for the booze.

DK’s menu is packed with breakfast favorites, from omelettes and scrambles to pancakes and french toast. Several breakfast sandwiches will put an “egg mcmuffin” to shame, and if you’re feeling up to it you can order your egg, cheese and meat on a glazed donut. Whatever you eat, save room at the end for a donut (unless you eat the donut sandwich, in which case… go to the gym). But get there early – the best selection of long johns, cinnamon rolls run out early, especially on the weekends.

Whatever you choose to eat and drink, when you approach the counter at the end to pay you will be be pleasantly surprised at your total; Two boozy beverages and two breakfasts shouldn’t run you more than $20. And despite how much I enjoy some of the other pricier spots around town, I’ll happily drink to cheap drunk brunch.

While they bill drunk brunch at DK Diner as available Saturdays and Sundays from 11am on, DK Diner serves breakfast all day and is now open all day, so REALLY Drunk Brunch at DK Diner is available any day of the week after 11am. DK Diner is located at 1715 W. Third Ave.

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