The Daily Growler launches “Gameday Growlers”

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gamedaygrowlerWhile there are plenty of places in Columbus that fill growlers at this point, there are also plenty of places where glass is not permitted, meaning no growler for you. The Daily Growler hopes to solve this by launching “Gameday Growlers.”

Gameday Growlers are plastic, one-time fill two-liter bottles. Gameday Growlers are NOT re-usable, though they are recycleable. These growlers do not have the shelf-life of a standard glass growler, and should be consumed within 48 hours of being filled.

“These are by no means a replacement for glass growlers, but there are certain times where glass is less than ideal – tailgating, kayaking, camping, etc.” said The Daily Growler owner John Blakely in an email. “We wanted to create a way for people to enjoy the amazing beer we offer no matter where their adventures may take them.”

The Gameday Growlers will debut at The Daily Growler this Friday August 30 just in time for the first Buckeye game. Gameday Growlers will cost $2 plus the cost of beer. The Daily Growler is located at 2812 Fishinger Road.

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    Great idea…

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