Drunk Brunch: The Crest

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the crest cheese ballsThe Crest is currently one of my favorite spots in Columbus solely because they have these flash fried goat cheese balls that are topped with honey and make me drool. Sure, they have a ton of other really great food, and a tremendous beer selection, and really creative cocktails…

…but seriously. These goat cheese balls. My god. I mean just look at ’em.

Anyway, they also apparently have brunch now. And you know what is available on their brunch menu? GOAT CHEESE BALLS. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff. I genuinely considered having just 2 or 3 orders of goat cheese balls for breakfast, but I refrained.

Like I said, everything at The Crest is delicious. Their new brunch menu includes eight breakfasty dishes, from orange blossom french toast to a croissant breakfast sandwhich with bacon AND prosciutto. A double pig party for your palate. Alongside the breakfast goods are The Crest’s all-day-available sandwiches. I went the route of The Crest burger, topped with caramelized beer onions, herb mushrooms, havarti cheese and roasted tomatoes. With this or any sandwich at The Crest, you are morally obligated to get the truffle tries, because they are the best truffle fries.

Booze-wise, they offer beer bloody marys and of course their amazing craft beer selection, plus they have a wide range of cocktails that would pair perfectly with brunch, though keep in mind there is no liquor sales on Sunday in Clintonville. I had the very delicious Freedom Tickler French saison from Oskar Blues. You can’t go wrong with a saison with breakfast. Especially one with a clever name. (Remember when they tried to rename “french fries” and “french toast” to “freedom fries” etc.? That was a thing that happened, America.)

Brunch at The Crest is available Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm (no hard liquor sales on Sundays.) The Crest is located at 2855 Indianola Avenue.

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