Legislation introduced to raise Ohio ABV limit

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beer abv limit ohioLegislation has been re-introduced at the statehouse by Rep. Dan Ramos to raise the alcohol by volume (ABV) permitted in beer sold and brewed in Ohio, from 12% up to 21%.

“On Monday, with the support of 11 House Democrats and 9 House Republicans, I reintroduced legislation that would raise the allowable ABV in beer from 12% to 21% in Ohio,” Rep. Ramos posted on his Facebook page. “Nationally, the industry has experienced double digit growth each of the last four years, but Ohio breweries have been put at a competitive disadvantage with those in neighboring states.”

Legislation to increase the ABV permitted in beer in Ohio was first introduced in 2011. Since then, dozens of craft breweries have opened across the state. Limits on the alcohol content in beer inhibit Ohio brewer creativity and prevent new beers from entering the market.

Ohio last raised its ABV limit in 2002, from 6% to 12%. Fewer than 10 states across the country currently limit the ABV allowed in beer.

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