Beer from Here: Elevator Brewery’s Big Vic Imperial IPA

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elevator big vic bottlesBy now, I’ve run out of reasons to justify drinking based on the weather. Actually, I’ve given up. It’s tough to talk about the bright and snappy qualities of a brew that pair best with Spring blooms and frolicking wildlife when the windchill is below freezing and half an inch of snow blankets the ground. Until Mother Nature can make up her mind (or hires a new groundhog), she and I will no longer be on speaking terms. Luckily, I have beer to help me through these trying times! Elevator’s Big Vic, in fact. There’s really no better way to take your mind off of things than staring at this brew’s label (such a majestic beard!) But, if you lack a bottle – for now – you can simply be content with my oh-so-delicious review.

Big Vic starts us off with an aroma of rich cracker malts, upon which sweet yet hugely bitter pine vibes shimmy their way in and envelop the nose. Hints of tropical fruit, specifically passion fruit and mango, team up with a bit of grapefruit peel to expand the layers of hop, as well as adding a touch of bright sweetness to the mix. The various hops notes are always matched with a back-end of cracker – just enough to keep this bouquet nice and balanced. Near the end of each breath, a touch of pineapple arrives to add a sweet burst of citrus that lingers within your nostrils (it’s like a suntan for your olfactory system!), sending this aroma on its way with suitcase full of freshness and potency (always remember to pack your freshness).

On the palate, the cracker malts arrive first, contributing some dry and savory tones that form the rock steady base we all know and love. A split second later, clinging pine bitterness surges to the back of the tongue, filling your mouth with the taste of nature herself. Subtle notes of mango and pineapple arrive on the backs of the hops, adding a layer of underlying sweetness that manages to push through the malty base every now and then. A stronger presence of grapefruit peel enhances these fruits a bit, but the various vibes of bitterness soon push the fruity remnants to the sides of the mouth. The drink begins with a mildly thick, somewhat syrupy feel that many an Imperial IPA showcases, but this fades a bit as the dry malt characteristic teams up with the bitterness. By the time it reaches the back of the tongue, you’ll be left with a crisp and tingly exfoliation of your mouth, complete with a hint of boozy alcohol at the end.

Big Vic is a beer without frills. It’s a potent IPA that cuts to the chase and delivers liquid tastiness faster than an Amazon delivery drone. You want a base of crackers? Big Vic says you got it! Feeling the need for some pine and tropical fruit hop characteristics? Big Vic pours you a glass even before you’ve finished your thought (Big Vic may or may not have the gift of foresight). A powerful yet balanced brew, Big Vic provides massive flavor with wonderful drinkability, delivering a Goldilocks-zone brew of complex tastiness (Goldilocks if you enjoy your beer with 8.6% ABV and 80 IBU’s). Let me be the first to thank Mr. Vic for helping me through my tumultuous relationship with Nature. Here’s to you, good sir.

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