Bitcoin banned for booze in Ohio

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bitcoin-300x195Though it’s doubtful that you were considering paying for your beer with bitcoin (if you even know what bitcoin is) the Ohio Department of Public Safety has decided that you can’t. So there.

According to Wired, Brian Benchek, owner of BottleHouse Brewing Co. in Cleveland, recently asked the Ohio Department of Public Safety if alcohol could be purchased with bitcoin, the digital currency system favored for anonymous Internet transactions. The Department ruled on Friday that bitcoin cannot be accepted for payment of alcohol in the state, alleging that “Bitcoin’s value fluctuates so much, it is more like a commodity and ‘not recognized as legal currency,'” as Eric Wolf from the agency told

The neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, in an effort to be perceived as tech-friendly, decided to position itself as Bitcoin Boulevard, but for the moment, retailers in Cleveland Heights and the rest of the state will have to stick with good ol’ fashioned cash or credit for beer, wine and spirits.

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