The Crafty Pint now open in Linworth

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the-crafty-pintI had never heard of Linworth until I started dating someone who lives there. It’s the neighborhood near the OSU airpirt, between DubLIN and WORTHington – geddit. OK, now that we know WHERE Linworth is, I can tell you WHY you want to go there: The Crafty Pint opened its doors yesterday, and this off-the-beaten-path bar is serving up some delicious fine food and craft beer.

The new gastropub opened in the spot most recently occupied by Gallo’s Pit BBQ on Dublin-Granville Road. It’s a fairly small space, only accommodating about 90 guests, but its wrap-around patio can seat another 50, and the red brick walls and beautiful repurposed barn wood tables make this a comfortable, cozy spot to settle in for food and drink.

The bar features 40 taps – over half of which are occupied by Ohio breweries – covering a wide variety of beer styles, and the menu conveniently includes a detailed description and ABV for each beer (it’s amazing how few places do this.) There’s also a selection of 10 cocktails, mostly on the classic side with a few fruity additions.

the crafty pint chickenOn the food menu is a half dozen shareable snacks, a few flatbreads, steak and salmon entrees and a small selection of sandwiches. You can get your sandwich with a side of fries – but why the hell would you when you can instead get creamy goat cheese grits, or chipotle cinnamon fried pickles, or beer mac and cheese with bacon. (On a future visit I will likely just order one of each of the sides.)

I tried the Chicken Churasco Sandwhich: a massively juicy blackened chicken breast topped with cherry wood smoked bacon, grilled onions and smoked gouda served on brioche with a side of the fried pickles. It’s not really fair to judge a brand new businesses’ food on their very first day open, except… it was freakin’ delicious. And the blueberry-glazed salmon with goat cheese grits and asparagus that my boyfriend ordered was just as impressive.

the crafty pint board gameThe nostalgic and quirky details sprinkled throughout The Crafty Pint will put a smile on your face: the backside of each beer menu is a retro board game. Each table has a stack of old school Trivial Pursuit cards to keep you entertained. The burger was bound together with a crazy straw instead of a toothpick. And instead of check presenters, you’ll get your bill in a children’s book – which you are encouraged to sign (look for my really poorly drawn Drink Up Columbus logo in one of them.)

The Crafty Pint is open Monday-Friday from 4-11pm, Saturday 11am-1am and Sunday 11am-11pm. A frying pan mounted to the wall promises that brunch is coming, so we’ll be back for a drunk brunch feature soon.

The Crafty Pint is located at 2234 W. Dublin-Granville Road.

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