The Cocktail Menu: M at Miranova

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Cris Dehlavi

Everyone has heard of M at Miranova. Now it’s time for all of Columbus to have the proper M experience. If you’re bored with the downtown locations that offer the snooze-worthy cocktail “with a twist,” this breezy oasis of a restaurant and bar is your new spot.

A quick skim down the signature cocktail list at and you’ll find Cris Dehlavi’s special creations all over. An internationally-recognized mixologist with a fever for putting her all into her creations, Dehlavi doesn’t hold back from serving the cream of the crop—creamy cocktails with a splash of surprise in every glass, that is.


Belvedere Citrus, Cointreau Noir, Agave Nectar, Blood Orange Puree, Fresh Lemon Juice

Martinis have lied to you. Worried expectations of being hit with flavors too tart for comfort can die; so can any fears of a harsh aftertaste with a spike. Potential death by sugar? Let go of all your concerns. There is no drink as subtle, sweet and creamy as the Marquee. This drink deserves its name up in lights, adorning all of Columbus and eagerly inviting everyone to try a taste (or the entire glass) of what a martini has always been meant to be. Embellished with agave nectar and blood orange puree, the Marquee stands out proud from all the rest of the martinis. Say, “So long, farewell,” to any martinis you’ve had before. No more pucker faces, no more drinks that were too good to be true.

Cris Dehlavi

Mai Tai

Mt. Gay Eclipse Rum, Cointreau, House Made Orgeat Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice

Consider making Mai Tai the star of your next Thanksgiving. A six-hour process of making orgeat syrup would have everyone and their mothers coming to the table to enjoy this milky almond mixture. With just the right touch of floral citrus scents, this drink is just as sweet as it is masculine, just as gritty as it is tropical.

Mai Tai is the perfect daily pick-me-up; M should be a mandatory after-work go-to (doctor’s orders, I promise). A frappuccino from Starbucks was the light at the end of the tunnel throughout middle school. Adulthood has finally met its match, as this Mai Tai can pull you through the next stock market crash and falling out between friends. Beautifully made with hints of lime, Mai Tai boasts layer of flavors, the ideal contender for Sweet Tart 2014. Take a bow, Mai Tai.

Cris Dehlavi

Black Orchid

Belevedere Black Raspberry, St. Germain Elderflower, White Cranberry, Fresh Lemon Juice

An orchid is a delicate representation of exotic senses, luxurious strength and fearless grace. At M, it carries its symbolism across the bar and into the martini glass.

Cranberry juice has long been a lunchtime staple, but it’s finally creeping its way into our drinks. Just as the name suggests, the Black Orchid holds an orchid within an ice sphere. Whether this drink is making a statement or just showing off, all I care to know is when I’ll be having it next. Complementary to a light and fresh meal, the Black Orchid can stand alone with confidence. Leaving The Buckeye State anytime soon? Cheers to this nationwide martini: “The Black Orchid is extremely popular. It’s all over the Ocean Primes in the country,” Dehlavi stated. Just
as sweet as Marquee and innocently tart as Mai Tai, Black Orchid shows off its true colors by blending with lemon flavors and true class.

Cris Dehlavi

M at Miranova is 614-famous; its acclaimed mixologist and drinks are world-famous. Conversation is always intelligent, the ambiance always blissful. The only thing this place lacks is any hesitation to visit. From anniversaries to just-because, from breakups to simply discovering M, you can have it all with a drink from Dehlavi in hand.

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