Zauber bier (finally) released

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zauber bier

When you walk into Zauber Brewing’s taproom, two thoughts will enter your mind. The first will be “Oh yes, I will most definitely enjoy drinking a beer or three here,” while the other will be along the lines of “Dayum! Those food trucks smell delicious.” The cause for the first thought is simple; the chill and simplistic atmosphere of Zauber Brewing is nothing but conducive to good drinks and merry times (the cause for the second thought is that Columbus food trucks are out of this world, but that’s another topic for a different day).

Up until today, the only detriment to this ambiance of brew-and-spirit excellence has been the small brewing system, which packed enough oomph to produce a limited amount of beer (as in, available one night a week). But, as of today, such limitations are issues of the past, as Zauber finally welcomes the bright and shiny (and long-awaited) upgrade to their brewery – a 20-barrel system that will keep the bar stocked with their tastiest brews. Heralding this joyous occasion are the stars of the brewery themselves: Kitschy Kölsch, Vertigo Hefeweizen, and Berserker Belgian IPA, straight outta’ their grown-up tanks and ready to get your drink on.

Kitschy Kölsch

Kitschy Kölsch is a perfect beer to begin with. A gentle aroma of cracker malts and fleeting fruits will draw you in deeper and deeper with each breath. On the tongue, bread crust and crackers will arrive first, light in body but never shying away. Faint vibes of lemon juice and even a touch of grapes will provide a soft tang at the back of the tongue, while crisp notes of dried hay make a shy appearance near the end of each drink. The flavors clear the tongue after just a few moments, finishing with a moderate bitterness at the back of the mouth, and leaving you ready for more. (The just-over-5% alcohol content will ensure that you needn’t hesitate to enjoy another, which is always good.)


Vertigo, a hefeweizen, arrives under a gentle cloud of bananas and clove, filling your nose with the unmistakable scents of bubblegum (think Juicy Fruit). Hints of tart apple and tangy lemon juice add some fruity brightness, while the wheat creates an aura of cereal grains towards the back. The flavors arrive in much the same manner, showcasing the classic hefeweizen notes of banana and clove immediately. A light mist of lemons and apples support the bubblegum center, while light grain malts and the faintest hints of almonds work to support from underneath. Fading notes of hay and autumn leaves arise near the end of each drink, before fading to a mildly-spiced banana linger.


Berzerker is a Belgian-style IPA that rocks the best of both styles. Beginning with a bouquet of mild clove, spicy hops, and faint fruits, the complexity will instantly wrap itself around your face and force your nose deeper into the glass. The true scope of the brew, however, won’t arise until the first drop hits your tongue. Clove and mild pine arrive first, supported by yeasty malts. Hints of citrus zest and join hands with faint apples near the sides, as a quiet vibe of fresh vegetation and freshly-cut grass seep in here and there. The IPA bitterness is held in check by the esters of the yeast, allowing for balanced liquid complexity, as well as a deliciously unique flavor.

zauber bier

If you’ve never made it out to Zauber’s, today could quite possibly be the best day to do so. It’ll be a party from start to finish, complete with killer brews, awesome craft-cocktails, and a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere. If you have been to the taproom before, only to have arrived too late and discovered that their house brews had already run out, be sure to join the celebration and rejoice that such a travesty will never happen again. Whatever the reason, head on down and get your Prost! on. You’ll have a good time.

full disclosure: Zauber is a client

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