Rockmill Brewery plans new tavern for German Village

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Rockmill BreweryI don’t know much about real word Belgian-German relations, but let’s hope they’re friendly on the Columbus front; Rockmill Brewery announced Monday they’re planning a second brewing and tavern space in German Village.

Rockmill plans to open in the Juergens German Bakery building at 525 S. Fourth St.. Rather than take over, Rockmill owner Mathew Barbee says the two business will work together. The bakery will operate inside the space in conjunction with the the tavern’s other menu items.

“We’re excited about a concept where Juergens Bakery is still a part of the concept…the food that we’re developing to complement our beers also really complements the neighborhood and Juergens will round out our menu nicely,” Barbee said.

Space, Barbee explained, is the biggest challenge. Sharing space with the bakery, operating a kitchen and offering indoor seating leaves little in the way of square footage.

“A big part of our model for this is the patio and garden area to give us more room tow work with. There is going to be brewing on premise which makes square footage even more tricky,” he said.

The patio and garden area is key for the expansion but will require the brewery to put in some face time with the German Village Commission and community residents. Parking and noise are the major concern for both groups right now. The next step is for Rockmill to meet with the community to explain their concept and continue planning with the Commission.

“I think once people have more of an opportunity to understand the vision, they’ll be really excited,” Barbee said.

Barbee actually finds this concern from the German Village community and infrastructure encouraging. He said they’ve already heard from architects and planners who want to help them create an aesthetic that fits German Village the brewery alike.

“It’s going to have a similar feel to the horse farm, we want have that really warm and cozy character.”

The timeline for Rockmill Tavern is to open with the patio in time for spring, though there is no date set.

“We have our work cut out for us to make that happen.” Barbee said.


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