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Sech's BombaciousA group of entrepreneurial students from OU and OSU have created a new alcoholic beverage adhering to the adage that Sech’s sells.

“When we were deciding what to call it we were like, well why not just cut to the chase and call it “Sech’s?” said co-founder Mason Estep.

Sech’s (yes, it’s pronounced “sex”) is a cocktail-in-a-can targeted at the college demographic. They launched about a month ago with their first flavor, “Bombacious Berry.”

“It’s similar to a Dirty Shirley, and one of the main ingredients is ginger which is a really hot trend right now,” said Estep. “Moscow Mules have never been bigger, and what a lot of bars are doing is… making Sech’s Bombs because it’s a similar concept, a ginger-based beverage and vodka.”

The team is working on future flavors, including “Morning Sech’s,” a Mimosa-inspired creation. Sech’s is produced in Wisconsin through a co-packer and is available at most bars on OSU’s campus, and a full list of locations can be found here.

We were pretty reluctant to try Sech’s at the Drink Up Columbus office, in part because it involved me asking Abby if she “wanted to have some Sech’s with me” which I’m pretty sure would be a serious HR violation if we had an HR department. We cracked open the can and poured a bright pink lemonade-covered liquid into a glass. On the nose it smells like an overly sweet raspberry lambic. The taste also hints at a raspberry lambic… if you added, like, 27 packs of Splenda to it. It’s WAY too sweet, although both Abby and I agree that we probably would have drank it when we were in college. The sweetness certainly serves to mask the 8% alcohol content, and I can imagine it might make an interesting substitution for ginger beer in a cocktail.

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    Sounds like a winner to me! 😉

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