Gotta Drink ‘Em All: Pokémon Go bars in Columbus

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Pokemon Go shots

It’s about time we combined two great loves: drinking and playing Pokémon Go. This list of spots where the Pokémon flow as easily as the booze is extensive, but not exhaustive — after all, we’re still trying to catch and drink ‘em all.

Oddfellows Liquor Bar
1038 N. High St.
Oddfellows’ patio in the heart of the Short North now boasts more than just Mikey’s Late Nite pizza. It, or the Fireproof sign at least, is a pokéstop. Similar to Old North Arcade, they also offer spiked, icey “lushes” in red, blue or yellow (aka Team Valor, Mystic or Instinct, respectively).

Old North Arcade
2591 N. High St.
A barcade should be a dead giveaway as being a poké hotspot. Old North Arcade boasts easy access to nearby pokéstops and Hounddog Pizza’s gym is just down the street. But the real gem here is their specialty Bulbasar, Charmandar and Squirtle shots, and their much-needed cell phone charging station.

Local Cantina and Pigskin Brewing
101 Mill St, Gahanna
81 Mill St. #150, Gahanna
Both are located close enough to access pokéstops from their respective bars. The location next to Big Walnut Creek makes it a great spot to catch water Pokémon such as Staryu and also farm Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados.

Zauber Brewing Co.
909 W 5th Ave
A pokéstop itself, with two across the street, the brewery is known for dropping lures during popular times and happy hour.

University District
The Gateway Film Center and Mad Mex are both pokéstops, also accessible from World of Beer and Ugly Tuna Saloona. The close proximity to Ohio State’s campus ensures a large populous of good farming Pokémon (Rattatas and Pidgeys galore) along with students dropping lures.

Bob’s Bar
4961 N. High St.
The neighborhood bar is within the gym at Eldorado’s Food & Spirits. Pokéstops are also just a few doors down.

Brothers Drake
26 E. 5th Ave.
Tentacools, Dratinis and Jynxes are no strangers to Jazz Wednesdays and other hot times at the meadery.

Arena District
Vaporeon and Krabby frequently spawn in the district abound with bars, eateries and Gordon Biersch brewery. The nearby R Bar is also a gym.

Four String Brewing Co.
985 W. 6th Ave.
The pokéstop brewery is great for farming Drowzees and Krabbys. And also for drinking beer.

Milestone 229
229 Civic Center Dr.
Located in Scioto Mile Park and near Battelle Riverfront Park, there are Pokémon abound at the restaurant with a killer drink menu. Frequent spawners include Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Mankey and Staryu. Ponyta has also been spotted.

What other bars have you found that great for Pokémon Go players?

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    Loved this post! Also, the donkey outside Park Street Cantina is a Pokestop and so is Columbus Children’s Theatre which is just across the street.

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