Three Tigers Brewing taps first two beers

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Three Tigers

To say that Three Tigers owner Scott Wilkens and Head Brewer Matt Mazur are happy guys right now would be a huge understatement. The Granville brewery opened in April, but for the past four months has been confined to serving only guest beers. Finally, finally, finally, though house brews have hit the taps.

Why the delay? Let’s just say that their brewing equipment provider failed miserably in delivering a reliable working brewing system. The equipment has been repaired and replaced, then repaired and replaced again.

“I felt like I was trying to ride the Tour de France on a big wheel,” said Mazur.

With some brotherly love from fellow brewers at Homestead, Kindred, Barley’s, Temperance Row and Jackie O’s, to name a few, Three Tigers is now up and brewing at last, and if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, then Three Tigers is The Incredible Hulk.

The first two beers out of the gate for the brand new brewery are Small Axe Pale Ale and the 36 Street Hefeweizen. The Pale Ale is dry hopped with Cascade from Hilliard’s Weber Farms. Matt has part of their decision several years ago to plant Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Chinook hops on a small parcel of the farm. Three Tigers has the inside track on all these hops, and going forward plans to make lots of dry hopped beers. Not surprisingly, the Small Axe Pale Ale, which clocks in at 6.8% is full-bodied, aromatic, and a hoppy brew. The 36 Street Hefeweizen, is driven by a yeast from the German brewer, Weihenstephan, that Matt discovered in his homebrewing days. It delivers a light, refreshing beer ideal for the hot days of August with plenty of clove and banana notes.

On Thursday, August 25 Three Tigers will release their third beer, Cyclo-Stout, a Guinness-like dry stout expected to come in at 5.0%. The initial batch will pour from a standard tap, but look for a nitro tap to be in place for the next round of this beer. Beer number four will be out in about a month — Matt’s Hoptic Nerve Double IPA, which won the Barley’s homebrew contest several years ago. And after that, you just may see a couple of bourbon barrels sitting in the taproom coddling a nice Barleywine.

Three Tigers is located at 128 N. Prospect in Granville.

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