Beer from Here: Platform City Boy Berliner Weisse

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Berliner weisse, for the uninitiated, are sour, low gravity German wheat beers. With a snappy tang from natural lactic acid, these beers are not for everyone, but for fans, they are superbly refreshing and full of flavor. Platform Beer Company’s newest offering in their 12 Kettle series is City Boy, a Berliner Weisse flavored with red currants and raspberries for a tart and fruity offering.

From first breath, notes of sourdough bread and raspberry tartness are present. The lactic kick is perceivable on the nose, dry and bright near the edges of the raspberry. The actual fruit notes show up soon after, with raspberry forward but not overpowering. Beneath, notes of crackers and biscuits help to create some body while keeping the aroma light and crisp. Near the end, the raspberry adds some floral notes that work well with the fruity brightness.

On the tongue, the sourness is upfront, but not puckering. You’ll feel it at the sides of the mouth and tongue, and it is immediately complimented by raspberry. Crackers and a bit of bread crust are present as well, creating a nice base to build up the sourness. Every now and then, there are hints of corn that are out of place in a sour, but it doesn’t linger, and the crispness of the beer washes it away fairly quickly. Any flavor of the red currant is lost to the more potent raspberry, but the natural tartness of currants fit in well with the beer.

While not my favorite Berliner, it does showcase the traditional tartness of the style, alongside great drinkability. It’s crisp, refreshing, and the addition of the raspberries adds an unobtrusive layer of fruit that goes great with the pucker of the base beer. Now that it’s November, save a can or two for Thanksgiving. Cleanse that palate between six pounds of Turkey and eight pies.

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