Local brewers team up for International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day

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You may think of big beards when you think of brewers, but nary a facial follicle was present this morning at the mash in for International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, the fourth year the event has been celebrated globally and the second year a brew day has taken place locally.

“Last year Lineage Brewing hosted [Women’s Brew Day] and it was a fabulous event,” said Lori Wince, brewer for Weasel Boy Brewing in Zanesville. “We had a great time and I think we learned a lot from each other.”

Weasel Boy hosted this morning’s brew day, with Wince brewing alongside representatives from Lineage and Seventh Son as well as a local homebrewer and the director of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association. And me! Women from other breweries including Actual and Yellow Springs collaborated on the recipe for the beer in advance of the brew day.

“The theme [of Women’s Collaboration Brew Day] this year was ‘unite local’ so we sourced ingredients locally to add like Paw Paw fruit, spicebush, and then we used a bag of House Malts grain from Northeast Ohio which is locally grown grain malted at their facility,” said Wince.

The fruit-and-spice infused grissette will be called “Nevertheless Persist,” a nod to Mitch McConnell’s remarks to Elizabeth Warren which have become a rallying cry for women’s rights activists.

The beer will be available in about 3-4 weeks at Lineage, Seventh Son and Weasel Boy, and 50 cents from every pint sold will be donated to the Pink Boots Society, an organization that works to encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.

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