Craft and Vinyl combining record shop with beer bar

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Craft beer aficionados and audiophiles alike will find a haven in a new concept slated to open later this year in the Grandview Heights area.

Troy Stacy is the proprietor of Craft and Vinyl, a vinyl record shop slash beer bar slash recording studio coming later this year to 5th Avenue. The store will open in the former home of thrift shop and shoe repair store Alternative Resale, which relocated a few buildings down. Build-out of the space will begin this week and Stacy hopes to be open before December 1.

“Whether you’re a vinyl collector, a craft beer lover or someone who likes to make music, these things tend to swirl around in the same community so we thought ‘let’s make a place that does all that together,’ because it’s never been done,” said Stacy, who has worked in various aspects of marketing and music over his career.

Stacy says vinyl will take center stage at Craft and Vinyl, describing the business as more of a record store with a bar than vice versa. The resurgence of vinyl as a music medium is his main driving force for launching the concept.

“Since Spotify launched, vinyl sales have been going up, up, up,” said Stacy. “People who love their digital streaming services have a hankering for something tangible.”

Craft and Vinyl will offer the “spin control club,” a sort of library of rentable vinyl records. The bar will also be equipped with a small recording studio he calls the “sonic maker space.”

“In my experience there’s no middle ground between recording at home and paying $100 an hour to go to a studio, so we want to be that middle road where people can come in to pre-produce their music,” said Stacy. “We’re going to have an array of instruments and all the stuff you need so a person can just walk in and get down to it without lugging all their gear around.”

Stacy also hopes the studio will serve as a place where friends and artists can come together and collaborate over a few beers.

Behind the planned 14-foot bar will beer only, with a selection of crafts cans and bottles at launch and 2-4 draft lines to be added later and an emphasis on Ohio beers (Great Lakes Turntable Pils, anyone?). Stacy plans to coordinate unique beer tastings paired with listening to particular records.

The Grandview Craft and Vinyl is the first of four locations that Stacy says he intends to open in Ohio.

Craft and Vinyl will be located at 1806 W. 5th Ave.

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