Homebrewers hope to go pro with Buzzsaw Brewing

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If you haven’t heard of Buzzsaw Brewing yet, that might be because they don’t really exist right now, but you’ll still be able to try their beer at an event slated for early February at The Ohio Taproom.

Buzzsaw is the brainchild of a trio of Denison grads — Andrew Watkins, Spencer Fronk and Quinn Bartlett, the latter of whom will serve as the brewmaster, if and when the brewery gets off the ground.

“In early 2015 I started homebrewing a lot more and got really into the brewmaster, science-y stuff behind brewing,” said Bartlett.

Bartlett plans to focus on Belgian beers for Buzzsaw, with a Blonde and Tripel in the current core lineup.

“I know a lot of breweries in Columbus have made Tripels, and I think they’re good, but I think they’re a little off in authenticity if you compare them to a Delirium [Tremens] or a Chimay,” said Bartlett. “We’re trying to be as authentically Belgian in our styles as we can. I know Rockmill [Brewery] is doing the same thing.”

The Buzzsaw team is currently lining up financing and hopes to sign a lease and start ordering equipment (a seven barrel brewing system is in their business plan) by this summer. In the meantime, though, they have been getting their name out in the community by serving beer — for free, since they are not yet a licensed commercial brewery — from their 10-gallon homebrew system at events around Columbus, including at Thread and 934 Gallery.

“A good problem we have [at events] is people ask us ‘Where can I buy your beer?’ but unfortunately we can’t sell it yet,” said Watkins. “We tell people that, instead of buying our beer, come hang out with us [at these events] and drink our beer. It has really helped us to build a small community.”

The Ohio Taproom owner John Evans tried Buzzsaw at one such event at Thread and invited them to host a tasting at his taproom. The event will feature samples of Buzzsaw’s Blonde and Tripel, plus a Belgian Amber aged with blackberries and cocoa nibs; a Brett-aged Belgian Tripel; and a bourbon barrel-aged Belgian Dark Strong.

The Buzzsaw Beer tasting will take place Sunday, February 4 at 2-5pm at The Ohio Taproom, located at 1291 W 3rd Ave in Columbus.

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