Antiques on High opening a few weeks away

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Macklemore will be popping bottles, not tags, when Antiques on High opens its doors.

The new sour-focused brewery, expected to open in September in The Brewery District, is a sister location to Seventh Son Brewing.

“This is really for the fun and enjoyment of blending together different flavor profiles and really learning about this style of beer,” said co-owner Collin Castore. “Myself, my business partners and Colin [Vent, head brewer] all really love sour wild beers, and there’s this whole huge world out there that hasn’t been fully explored yet.”

The brewery’s slightly misleading name is a nod to the building’s former use as an actual antique store, and also an allusion to the “antique” brewing methods of spontaneous fermentation, barrel-aging and blending that the sour brewery will be utilizing.

The space, which is still being built out, will feature a 2,000 square foot first-floor taproom with a fireplace, a long straight bar, a few booths, and a large communal table running down the center. A small patio out front and larger patio in the back combine with a second-floor three seasons room with about 1,500 square feet of space (and another fireplace) for a total of about 2,500 square feet of outdoor space.

Another 2,000 square feet of production and storage space will accomodate around 120 barrels, two large foeders, two blending tanks and a small bottling station. Castore says Antiques on High will only produce a few hundred barrels of sour beer per year.

“There’s not really plans for larger scale production or distribution at all,” said Castore. “We really want this to be unique to here, something that you can only find in the Brewery District.”

Castore says Antique on High has about 50 barrels of sour aged beer ready to tap as soon as construction is finished and the brewery is ready to open next month.

“We’ve started blending them together and kegging them off and fruiting some,” said Castore. “We’ll have some really good beer to start off with.”

The bar will feature twelve beers on tap, ten of which will be devoted to wild sours and two to clean beers — a hoppy ale and a darker ale — from Seventh Son. The bar will also offer six wines on tap and and six cocktails on tap.

“We’re trying to build out the cocktail program a litle more here [than at Seventh Son],” said Castore. “We’re going dive in a little deeper and get a little more into the cocktail side of things, playing with some of the flavor profiles that we find in our sour beers.”

The taproom will regularly scheduled food trucks to start, but plans to shift towards carryout food from neighboring new restaurant Ambrose & Eve when they open their doors later this year.

Antiques on High expects to open in September. Antiques on High is located at 714 S High Street in The Brewery District.

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